TAXIS  (Cabs in the Costalegre)

Taxi's are a versatile way to get around in the Costalegre. Whether it's a short trip across town or a tour of the area, cab drivers will get you there "fast". Mañana does not apply to Mexican taxi drivers. At the taxi stands (Sitios), prices are fixed and posted for outlining areas. Cab drivers rarely receive tips in México because the cabs are not metered. You can hire a taxi driver for a tourist guide of the area. Barter for the fare as they are quite expensive. You will negotiate the best price if you barter for tomorrow's trip. Be reasonable when bartering for taxis' as fuel is quite expensive. Although very honest and reliable is is wise to agree on a price before you get into a taxi. For a return trip pay only half the fare in advance, and the balance when they return to pick you up. Some cabs are station wagons (Camionetas) that can carry four visitors and their luggage.

NEW FOR 2017
There are now Moto-Taxis in Melaque, Barra de Navidad and Cihuatlán. They are a simple and economical transportation option for 2 or 3 people just traveling across town. There are separate ones in each town, so you still have to take a taxi between the towns. Barra motos only go as far as Jaluco. Melaque motos travel between San Patricio, Villa Obregón, Pinal Villa and Jaluco. Just flag one down or arrange for a pickup at your hotel or residence call one of the following numbers.

Barra: (315).109.9145. Melaque: (315).100.8678, (315).100.3888, (315).114.0564, (315).100.8165, #3(315).115.6453, #6 (315).112.2019 Cihuatlán: (315).106.1393, (315).113.0839. Cell numbers often change.  New #'s for 2018: (315).109.1408, (315).108.0549, (315).100.9308.


SITIO BARRA DE NAVIDAD  Tel: 355.5760 & 355.6704
There are two Sitios in Barra.  The main stand (F22/81) is at the corner of Calle Sinaloa & Avenida López de Legazpi, by the Alondra hotel.  The other Taxi Sitio (F/84) is kitty-corner from the Barra  bus station at Calle Michoacan & Avenida Veracruz.  2014 FARES

SITIO MELAQUE No.F/180  Tel: (315).355.6100
Sitio Melaque is located at the bus stations on the corner of Calle Venustiano Carranza and Avenida Gómez Farías, across the street from hotel Monterrey.  2017 FARES  2014 FARES

SITIO SAN PATRICIO No.F/95  Tel: (315).355.5201
Located at the Jardín (plaza) just off of Calle López Mateos.
2014 FARES  (December/2017  No Fares Posted  Use Sitio Melaque Fares)

SITIO VILLA OBREGÓN No. TX002-F228  Tel: (315).355.5569
Located on Avenida E. Zapata by Jardín Villa Obregón.
Taxi Stand  2017 FARES  2016 FARES  OLD FARES

Tel: (315).351.7152, (315).315.7156, Cel:(315).109.3715
Tel: (315).351.7393 Cel: 044.104.4423
Sitio (taxi stand) located at the Jardín in front of the church.  Open 24 hours.

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