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Many people choose to travel to and around Costalegre by bus.  Buses allow the visitor a perfect opportunity to see the Mexican countryside and intermingle with the locals close up.  It's also the most economical way to travel.  Buses travel practically everywhere in Costalegre.  Some companies offer second and third class local service between nearby towns and villages.  Others provide first and second class regional service between large cities and across states.  First class bus service is called primera plus or ejecutivo.  The six main bus lines serving Costalegre are: Flecha Amarilla "Primera Plus" and their affiliate Autobuses Costalegre, Transportes Cihuatlán and their affiliates Autocamiones Cihuatlán and Autocamiones del Pacifico, and Elite bus line.


Barra de Navidad -Melaque
Local 2nd and 3rd. class buses travel between Barra and Melaque continuous during the day, every 15 minutes from 6 am till 8:30 pm.  The trip costs 8+ pesos and takes about 20 minutes.  Bus drivers will make change, but be sure to have peso coins with you or small bills  There are a few 2nd. class direct buses that are white with green stripe, but there are many small 3rd class buses (usually white), that travel all through the barrios, making the trip long and bumpy.  If you want ultimate comfort and don't mind the higher price (40+ pesos), you can also book a first class ticket with a regional (long haul) bus company.

It is recommended that you use first class buses, as they cost very little more than second class and have the following available features not always found on second class buses.  Toilets, air conditioning, movies and comfortable seats.  They are also, newer, cleaner and more punctual than other classes, as they are on a tighter schedule.  You may also reserve a seat location.  Regional buses have two employees on each bus, the driver and an attendant (swamper), who helps people on and off the bus, stores the luggage and serves drinks and snacks on long trips. Try to procure seats near the front of the bus and consider what side of the bus you want to sit on, either for the view or opposite the sunny side, of if traveling at night away from the glair of oncoming traffic.

Barra de Navidad
The main bus station in Barra is at Avenida Veracruz #226 between Calle Filipinas and Calle Mazatlan.  Primera Plus/Costalegre has a bus depot across the street and half a block north at Avenida Veracruz #229, near the corner of Calle Filipinas. **Add ETN**

San Patricio Melaque
Melaque's main (24hr.) Bus Station "Central de Autobuses" is only a block from the beach at the corner of Calle Gómez Farías and Avenida V. Carranza.  There are three other bus stations nearby. Flecha Amarilla (Primera Plus) is across the street on Avenida V. Carraza, and Autobuses Costalegre is half a block south on Calle Gómez Farías #269.  The Elite station is a block south at Gómez Farías #257, (315).355.5242.  Elite has only 1st. class long haul buses that travel between Acapulco and Tijuana, and they don't stop in Barra de Navidad.


NOTE: All schedules and prices are subject to change without notice and should NOT be depended on until verified locally.  If you plan to travel during holiday periods, it is recommended that you reserve a seat on regional buses ahead of time.  You can also reserve a seat number on direct long haul buses.  The name Primera Plus can be a company name or a description of the class of carrier (usually first class).  This often causes confusion on what bus to take because the Primera Plus company also runs second class buses.  Sometimes 2nd. Class long haul have no onboard toilet, so you may have to use bathrooms at bus stops, where you'll have to pay a few pesos.  Take a small quantity of toilet paper with you to avoid any possible unsanitary conditions, as they often hand out paper for a fee.

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