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FLIGHT TIPS  (Know before you go)

On most international flights you are allowed two pieces of checked luggage, 20kg total weight plus one 5kg carry-on bag.  If you pack light using a small backpack and small gym bag, you can carry them both on the plane with you and put them in the overhead storage compartments and under the seats.  The size of these bags must comply with airplane company's size and weight restrictions.  Carry-on Bag size is 23x38x53 cm and weight is 5kg per/bag which varies with different airlines, so check with your airline before you fly.
The benefits are:
1) You have everything with you if you need something from your bags during the flight.
2) Upon landing you do not have to find the carousel and wait for your luggage.
3) Your bags are easily carried because of their light-weight (10kg-22lbs total). You can now save the price of a taxi by taking a local city bus.  (The price difference can be 10 to 15 pesos instead of 100 to 400 pesos or more).
4) It is easier to transfer planes if required, because you do not have to check and un-check your luggage.

Try to book a direct flight from Canada to Mexico
The benefits are:
1) You avoid US customs delays and inconvenience. If your plane lands at any US airport you must clear US customs. This involves disembarking the plane, picking up all your luggage at the carrousel and packing them all through the airport, waiting at customs line-ups, then re-checking your luggage and re-boarding the new plane (or the one you just got off).  You would have to do this again on the return flight.
2) Faster arrival times: Since there are fewer landings and takeoffs, no plane transfers, airport waits, your total flight time is reduced. (more relaxing). Direct flights cost more but are well worth it!
3) Try to get an early morning flight. You will arrive in your gateway city earlier, allowing more time for hotel check-in or to find a hotel, and possibly see your first Mexican sunset. (Costalegre is already 2 hours ahead of British Columbia time).

On international flights you are required to check-in two hours before departure. During this time you often get hungry or thirsty. Bring a drink and snacks to the airport so you do not have to pay the exorbitant airport restaurant prices.

You can save money on your airline tickets
1) By booking several months in advance with a regular scheduled airline. Most have discounts for advance pre-purchased tickets.
2) By waiting for a seat sale with a charter airline.  When the flight day approaches charter airlines will sell off remaining seats just to fill the plane, often at 50% or greater savings.
The disadvantages of this are:
a) A seat sale may never come up, or all the seats sell before you have a chance to buy one forcing you to miss your holiday or pay a higher fare with another airline.
b) You cannot plan the dates or destination of your trip, so you can't pre-book hotels.

c) Travel agents are reluctant to help you look for seat sales, so you're on you own.

• Don't stay seated for the entire flight.  Try to stand up or walk around at least every hour. 
• Limit your alcohol and caffeine beverage intake.
• Drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration.
• Change you cloths to shorts & sandals before landing to be cooler when arriving.
• Clear your ears by swallowing or chewing gum when landing.


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