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The closest airports to the Costalegre are located at Manzanillo, Puerto Vallarta, Colima and Guadalajara.

ZLO - Manzanillo airport
One of the most beautiful airports in the world lies between a long and secluded white sand beach and tropical groves of bananas and coconut palms.  There are a number of international air carriers here that can provide good access for Canadian and US visitors desiring to come to Costalegre.  The small terminal has a snack bar and gift shops, as well as car rental agencies and taxis.  Although called the Manzanillo airport, it is actually 36km away from El Centro, halfway between Manzanillo and Barra de Navidad.

• There is no local or regional bus service to and from the Manzanillo airport, so you are forced to take a taxi or rent a car.  Both are expensive propositions. Most resorts have free shuttle vans.
• You may save on taxi fares by sharing one with others from your flight.  After your plane lands, ask (shout out) if anyone wants to share a taxi to some destination.  Bare in mind that most cabs are small compacts and carry only 4 passengers plus the driver, and may not have room for extra luggage.
• Although slower, another way to save on taxis is to take one only as far as Cihuatlán, then take a local bus to Barra or Melaque for about 20 pesos.  You could also change some money or do some shopping before catching the hourly bus.
• If you are arrived early, are physically fit and have a lightweight pack, you can walk or hitch the 5km to Mex 200 where you can wait for a regional bus to take you north to Costalegre.  Most regional buses with empty seats will pick you up for a modest cost, and drop you off at Melaque or Barra de Navidad or other places to the northwest.

NOTE: The Casa de Cambio (Money Exchange) at the Manzanillo airport is Closed, but the ATM Machine is usually working.  Pesos are needed for taxies and a credit card for car rentals.

PVR - Puerto Vallarta airport

Fly to Puerto Vallarta, then rent a car or bus to your selected area, town, or resort. Taxis will take you to Costalegre, but the cost is prohibitive. It's more economical to take a Regional bus, either from the new bus terminal just north of the airport, or from El Centro. You can catch a local city bus to old town right in front of the airport. If you arrive by airplane in the late afternoon, you will have to stay overnight before busing south, because the bus trip takes 3-4 hours and you would arrive in Costalegre in the late evening, a poor time to start looking for a hotel.

CLQ - Colima Airport
Fly to Colima, then rent a car or bus to Costalegre. (travel time about 3.5 hours)

GLD - Guadalajara airport
Fly to Guadalajara, then rent a car or bus to Costalegre. (travel time about 5-6 hours)

It is cost effective to drive your car or recreational vehicle to Costalegre for holidays lasting more than a month.  Having your own vehicle in Mexico is the best way of getting around to see each area. Advanced planning is necessary for this option.

Join one of the many tour groups that come to Mexico on a regular basis.  Pick one that appeals to your personal tastes and budget requirements.

• Flying is the fastest & easiest way to travel to Costalegre •

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