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• Here are a few Marine Species to Look Out for •
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What to do if you get stung or bitten?

Jellyfish: The first and most important thing is to eliminate the remains in the contact area. This should always be done with seawater or, failing that, with saline. Do not use fresh water, nor rub, because it can explode the pickets where the poison is deposited. Remove any remaining tentacle that remains attached to the skin using gloves.

Stingrays & Sea Urchins: As a first and most important measure is to disinfect the skin with an antiseptic, then try to remove the spine or spines embedded in the affected area with a narrow tip and sterile forceps. You must realize that it is not always possible to remove them without medical intervention. The main problem lies in a potential infection of the area.

Sea Worms: To treat a sting, keep the affected person motionless and remove the bristles or thorns with a towel or sand, taking care not to touch them. The area should be washed with salt water and in some cases it is recommended to soak the wound in hot water.

Remember: The best way to avoid marine animal bites is to protect yourself using appropriate beach shoes and covering your body with light clothing. Avoid areas where the waves break, as it's the place where the jellyfish remains accumulate. Do not bathe if there are jellyfish or if beach surveillance services suggest otherwise. Dangerous marine animals should never be touched, even if they are dead. Some species of jellyfish are very poisonous, so it is important that you immediately seek professional medical attention.

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