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Your Visit to Costalegre may be taken in a number of ways.  Some people book an all-inclusive or air-hotel package with a local travel agent.  Others like to join a group with a tour guide company, while a few like to do it on their own.  They all have their advantages and disadvantages.

ALL INCLUSIVE PACKAGE  (No need for Spanish)
If you want to be pampered in a luxury resort in a secure environment, taking advantage of Mexico's weather and beautiful beaches, this is meant for you.  Everything is self-contained, accommodation, meals, sports activities and entertainment all in one (usually isolated) place.  Although very enjoyable, you don't absorb much local Mexican culture because you seldom (if ever) leave the resort.  All inclusives' can be very expensive, so shop around.

AIR-HOTEL PACKAGE (Spanish helpful if not necessary)
Air-hotel opens opportunities to explore on your own, giving variety as to where you will eat and greater choice of activities.  Attractive to semi-adventurous people who like the freedom to go out on their own.  Air-hotel packages are usually moderately priced.

AIR ONLY (Spanish almost necessary)
Air-only is for very adventurous persons who like to book their own accommodations and travel around on their own (wing it).  Although usually the cheapest way, it requires more individual planning and research of the areas to be visited.  You need to know where you are going to stay, eat, and what activities you need to plan.

PLANNING (Take the time)
Compare Mexican vacation packages to Costalegre with a few local travel agents.  If money is no object and you want to be pampered, pick an all inclusive package at a popular resort.  Most travel agent A.I. packages include airport pick-up, 3 meals a day and drinks.  If you want to save a bit of money and would like more variety in your holiday, pick an air-hotel package.  If you want to go as cheaply as possible and you like to "wing it" around Costalegre, purchase an air-only flight and plan all aspects of the trip yourself.  This usually takes a fair amount of time and patience, but it well worth it in the end.  When price comparing, be sure to check if the flight is non-stop direct. (usually only charter airlines).  Take a TOUR if you have no time to research your destination, or desire group companionship.

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