RECOMMENDED DOCUMENTS  (Take these with you)

Passport & Photocopies (give a copy to fellow travelers)
Tourist Visas (required to enter and exit the country)
■ Birth Certificate (plastic-wallet size) photocopy not valid in Mexico
■ Drivers License (for picture ID, car rentals & changing money)
Travel Insurance documents
Medical Insurance documents (travel extended medical)
■ Vaccination Card
■ Travelers Checks (plus serial number list)
■ Credit Card (plus telephone number of Credit card company)
■ Interac Bank Card (make sure your password works)
Cash Money (take only Peso's)
■ Transportation/Airline Tickets (always know where they are)
■ Trip Itineraries (provided by Travel Agent and/or Tour company)
■ List of all your valuables (better yet - don't take any)
■ Important Phone Numbers, Internet E-mail addresses & web urls
■ Telephone Calling Card
■ Personal or Business Cards (for introductions)
■ Postcards/photos from Home (Mexicans love children & family)
■ Vaccination Certificate (if available)
■ Student Identity/Youth Card
■ Waterproof pouch (for important papers)
■ Maps (to cover your itinerary)

■ Eyeglass Prescription (in case you break or loose you glasses), or extra set of contact lenses or eyeglasses.

TIP: Make photocopies of all important documents.  Leave a set with someone at home who you can contact by telephone and take one with you.

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