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(Suggestions for a lightweight pack)

The success of your journey to Mexico demands good planning and careful packing.  It cannot be stressed enough on the importance of packing light.  Take only the things which you will actually use.  If you don't know whether you will need an item, leave it at home.  Your bags will always be fuller coming back home, so allow extra room in your bags for gift purchases.  If you are traveling using a local bus, van or taxi transportation, you must be able to carry all your bags, so having a light-weight pack is almost mandatory.  As a general rule, take half the clothes you think you will need and bring twice the amount of money.

WOMEN'S CLOTHING CHECKLIST:  (use only as a guide)
2 pairs of lightweight socks
4 pairs of cotton underwear
3 blouses, 2 short sleeve shirts or t-shirts, 1 long sleeve blouse
2 pairs of walking shorts (one spare for the laundry)
1 pair of jeans or long pants
1 wash 'n wear dress, evening dress, skirt, slip
1 pair of comfortable lightweight low heeled walking shoes
1 pair of beach sandals
1 lightweight jacket or windbreaker (rain resistant)
1 lightweight sweater
1 wide brimmed sun hat
1 pair of pajamas or nightgown
1 belt (for shorts and jeans)
1 pair of dress shoes and slippers
2 bras (quick drying)
2 bathing suits and cap (buy Sarong in Mexico)
1 beach towel
Other: cosmetics, jewelry, toiletries, scarves, accessories

MEN'S CLOTHING CHECKLIST:  (use only as a guide)
3 pairs of light-weight socks
4 pairs of cotton under shorts or briefs
3 cotton undershirts
4 golf shirts or casual t-shirts (mixed)
2 pairs of walking shorts (one spare for the laundry)
1 pair of dress pants or slacks (light-weight or cotton)
1 Long sleeve dress shirt (basic white button down)
1 bathing suit
1 pair of pajamas (optional)
1 wide brimmed sun hat
1 pair of sandals (you will wear these the most)
1 pair of soft soled dress shoes (optional)
1 pair of comfortable lightweight walking shoes
1 belt (for shorts & dress slacks)
1 lightweight jacket or windbreaker (rain resistant)
1 sports jacket (optional)
1 lightweight sweater (optional)
1 Beach Towel
Other: toiletries, shaving articles

A: Try to pack enough clothes for only 3 or 4 days. (This will give you changes of clothes when dirty clothes are at the laundry)
B: Bring durable, easy to wash (light-weight) clothing that still looks good after being hand washed. (Do a test run before leaving home)
C: Cotton is the most comfortable for hot places. (Light-colored are cooler, but dark clothes look clean longer)
D: Roll clothes to conserve space. (Put socks and undies in zip-loc bags so you can squeeze the air out to save room in your pack)
E: Bring one modest outfit for places where arms and legs should be covered.
Economical laundry facilities are readily available, but drycleaners are not. (Some hotels have clothes washing facilities available to guests. Usually basic scrub board tubs and roof-top clothes lines - good for washing bathing suit and beach towel each day).

TRAVEL TIPS:  When leaving for the Costalegre....
1) Wear warm clothes to the airport (Canadian/USA winters can be cold), but leave any heavy coats, sweaters and winter boots in your drop-off vehicle or hotel, ready for your return.
2) Wear your long pants and long sleeve shirt combo to the airport, then change into shorts, t-shirt/blouse and sandals before the plane lands in Mexico. You will not be as hot when waiting in line to clear Mexican customs. Remember, you may be leaving a below zero degree climate and arriving to 25 to 30 degrees Celsius.

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