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Canadian and United States Plans:  (Emergency Excess Medical)
If you are leaving your home province or state to come to the Costalegre, you should be aware that your provincial/state medical plan coverage will not pay all your health care cost while visiting here.  Health services provided out of country often cost more than the amount paid by provincial health plans.  The difference can be substantial, so you need to buy additional health insurance to supplement your basic coverage.  This must be purchased before you leave your province of residence.

Insurance Companies and Travel Agencies:
Private insurance companies and travel agents can advise you about extra healthcare coverage and to provide benefits not normally covered by provincial/state health medical plans.  Try to purchase travel medical insurance from an insurance company that has a signed agreement with your provincial/state government health plan.  This permits your insurance company to pay Mexican physicians and hospital claims directly, and for them to receive reimbursement on your behalf from your provincial health care provider.  This eliminates the need for you to handle your own claims.  In all other situations, your are required to pay for insured medical services up front, and then seek reimbursement when you arrive back home.  Keep all receipts!  For more information, consult your provincial/state government healthcare provider weeks before your holiday departure date.

What's Covered:
Keep in mind that only Emergency inpatient and daycare surgical hospital benefits are covered by provincial/state government medical plans while you are in Mexico.  You need to buy insurance for anything beyond this. 
British Columbia Medical Plan


Trip Cancellation/Interruption:
Buy this insurance if there is any possibility of missing your flight.  If you don't show up at the airport to board your flight you may forfeit the cost of the ticket and/or your whole trip.
Air Flight/Common Carrier:
24 hour accident insurance.  Maximum limit of $100,000 for death or dismemberment.
Baggage, Personal Effects and Currency:
Check with your home/tenant insurance policy.  You may already be covered.  If not, you may be able to add it on your existing policy at a cheaper rate than you could buy it separately.
Life Insurance:
Inquire with your existing life insurance company to see if you're covered when on holiday.
Automobile Insurance:
Your existing State or Province vehicle insurance does not cover you when traveling in Mexico.  Mexican automobile insurance must be purchased before entering the country.  Vehicle insurance may be purchased On-Line or at border city/town Insurance Agents.

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