There are 16 palapa restaurants along Playa Manzanilla.  Listed Alphabetically.

Restaurant Acevez
Calle Lazaro Cárdenas No.49.  Tel: (315).351.5003
Specialty: Mariscos  Old Street View
Located on the playa, 1/2 block from Yola's corner bar.

Bahía Azul Restaurant
Avenida Maria Asuncion No.136.  Tel: (315).351.7294
Specialty: Filete de Pescado
Open daily 8:30am - 10:00pm for breakfast, lunch & dinner.
Inside and Beach seating for 150+ persons.
Weekly live music events in winter.  Full bar.

Bambu Sunset Bar
Avenida Maria Asuncion No.126.  Tel: (315).109.9368
Specialty: Drinks, snacks, deserts and mariscos.
Open daily 3pm-10pm. Closed Monday.
Occasional live music in season.
Located at the bridge on the South end of the playa.

Restaurant El Boca's
Calle Concha Molida No.24.  Cel: (315).104.3947
Specialty:  Camaron's Frito & papas fritas
Open 8am-8pm daily.  Street View
Located on the beach across the street from Restaurant Rincón.

Restaurant Calypso
Calle Anden De La Calechosa No.10.  Tel: (315).351.5124
Specialty: Camarones, Pulpo & Hamburgesas.
Located on the playa at Bungalows Calypso.  Look for this Street Sign.

Restaurant Cato  (Since 2010)
Avenida Playa Blanca No.38.  Tel: (315).351.5285, Cel: (315).109.5060 
Specialties: Rollo del Mar, Camarones Tropical.
Inside and beach seating for 150+ persons.
Ocean panga rides and freshwater mangrove lagoon. 
Sports fishing and banana boat rides.

Restaurant Don Raúl
Avenida Maria Asuncion No.48,
Specialty: Seafood, mariscos.  Open daily 9:00am-7:00pm 
Inside and Beach seating for 130+ persons.  Access to the playa, plus seating.
Located on the playa where the street splits.  Street View

Restaurant Fiesta Mexicana  (Since 2010)
Boca de Iguanas access road North s/n.  Cel: (315).100.1006
Specialty: Rolla del Mar, Coconut Shrimp.  Open daily 9:00am - 6:00pm.
Inside and outside seating for 150+ persons.
Located 400mtrs up the Boca de Iguanas Acess Road

Figaro Restaurant y Pizzeria
Avenida Maria Asuncion No.68.  Reservations Tel: (315).351.5576
Open daily 1pm-4pm & 6pm-10pm. Closed Monday.
Inside and Beach seating for 70+ persons.
Pizzas available after 6pm.  Entrance Photo
Located on the right two blocks from the main corner.

Good Vibes Restaurant
Avenida Maria Asuncion No.216.  Tel: (315).351.5238
Specialty: Coquille de Mar.  Open daily 9:00am - 5:00pm.  Closed Tuesday.
Inside and Beach seating for 80+ persons.  Located beside Restaurant Calypso.

Restaurant La Playa                           
Avenida Maria Asuncion No.40.  Cel: (315).351.5053                 
Specialties: Camaron Momias, seafood.
Open 8:00am-10:00pm.  Live music Mondays in winter.
Inside, upstairs and beach seating for 170+ persons.
Located on the playa at the "Y" in the road.

Restaurant Lora Loka's
Avenida Maria Asuncion s/n.  Tel: (315).351.5333
Specialty: Mexican dishes.  Tuesdays: Tapas, Fridays: Jalapeño fish & chips.
Located on the playa beside Don Raul restaurant.

Pedro's by the Sea  (Since 2013)  Wifi
Avenida Maria Asuncion No.254 Norte.
Cel: (315).100.6910  Reservations accepted.
Specialty: Fish Tacos y Sea food.  Occasional live music.
Open daily 8:00am - 8:00pm.  Closed Monday.
Seating for 100+ persons. Off street parking lot. Showers.
Located on the playa beside Quinta Valentina.  Beach Sign

Restaurante Quinta Valentina
Avenida Maria Asuncion No.270.  Tel: (315).351.5019
Specialty: Mariscos (fresh sea food)  Closed Wednesdays.
Open daily 9:00am - 5:30pm for Desayunos & Comidas.
On-site Tennis Court.  Phone to reserve a play time.
Located on the Playa in North La Manzanilla del Mar.
Photos: Street   Inside-1   Inside-2   Bar

Restaurant El Rincon  (Since 1981)
Calle Concha Molida No.25.  Cel: (315).104.1535
Specialty: Mariscos, Comida organica con coco.
Open Monday to Sunday 9am-6pm. Closed Thursdays.
Inside and outside seating for 150+ persons.
Located across from El Bocas at the foot of Calle Molina.  Beach View  Street View

Vive México Restaurante  (Since 2017)
Calle Playa Blanca No.43.  Cel: (315).112.0275
Specialty: Mocajete estilo, Viva México y Mariscos.
Open daily 8:00am to 10:00pm.
Beachside seating for 45+ persons plus 28+ inside.
Located on the beach in central La Manzanilla.

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