HOTELS  (Cuastecomate)

La Quinta Beachfront 1024La Quinta Gran Bahía  4 Star ($$$$)
Calle Bahía No.1  Tel: (315).355.5085  
64 Rooms &  6 Suites with Pool & Restaurant.
Tel: (315).355.7550, 01-800-841-5256
Located on the South end of the beach.

Lupita Hotel Bungalows 1024Hotel y Bungalows Lupita ($$$) (Since 2013)
Calle Bahía No.3  Tel: (315).355.5064
16 Rooms & 4 Bungalows with Pool, A/C & Parking.
Located on the right when entering Cuastecomate.
Three blocks to the Beach.



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