SERVICES  (Barra de Navidad)

Tourist Office Delegado de Turismo Barra de Navidad
Avenida Veracruz No.98  Open: Daily 10am - 6pm.
Tel: (315).355.8383  Tel: (315).355.5100

Banamex ATM  Avenida Veracruz s/n
Located between the Post Office and Municipal Office.

Casa de Cambio Ciber @ Money  Avenida Veracruz No.212C
Tel: (315).355.6177  Tel: (315).355.8145
Open: Mon. - Sat. 9am-7pm, Sun. 9am-2pm, closed 2-4pm daily.

Post Office Servicio Postal Mexícano 
Avenida Veracruz No.196 
Postal Code (C.P.) 48987

Open 8am - 3pm, Monday to Friday.
Located beside the ATM by the police station.

Taxi Stands  There are two Taxi Sitios in Barra de Navidad
1) Avenida López de Legazpi s/n
Tel: (315).355.5760, (315).355.8509
Located at Calle Sinaloa by Casa Chips.
2)The other Sitio is kitty-corner from the bus station at Calle Michoacan & Avenida Veracruz.
2014 Rates  2006 Rates

Veterinarian  Mi Mascota Clínica Veterinaria
Calle Michoacán No.91
Cel: (315).112.4433, Nextel: (314).141.8046

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