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FAST FACTS MÉXICO  (Things are different here)

Things you should know about México

After you finish your meal in a restaurant, you need to ask for the bill before they bring it.  Just say 'La Quenta Por Favor' to the waiter or waitress.

In the state of Jalisco it is illegal to Smoke inside Restaurants.

All Beaches in Mexico are public property, and are open to everyone to the high tide mark.

Main Highways have kilometer markers along them, usually measured from state to state south to north or between costal and mainland cities.

Public Washrooms are seldom Free.  You usually have to pay a few Pesos.  Some even have attendants who dole out toilet paper.  Most restaurants will let you use their bathrooms if you purchase a meal, coffee or snacks.

Mexicans are very conservative regarding daring bathing suits or outlandish clothing.  Be courteous and conscious about what you wear in public, especially at the beach.

Don't get burned: The C on water faucets stands for Caliente (hot) and the F stands for Fría (cold).

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